Tegral Buildings Products in Athy, Co. Kildare have had 3x LS16-75 & 1x ES11 (30kW) for over 20years without overhaul.

The reliable longevity factor of these machines is unmatched in this 24/7 factory which is a humid and fairly dusty environment due to its production lines.

Recently, AirEnergy datalogged the systems with our hi-tech Scadar equipment providing graphs, charts & simulations which allowed assertions for a new Sullair VSD Spiral Valve compressor to save the customer close to 500,000kWh per annum.

This customer only wanted Sullair due to its reliability aspect which the renowned in the compressor world as the longest last.

Two new Sullair ST110PSV and an ST22 have been installed with Sullair refrigerant dryers and line filters providing optimum efficiency combined with Sullair’s unrivalled longevity.

LS16-75 in the field for 20years without overhaul


Bulletproof Sullair 110kW Spiral valve compressor

Arrival of new Sullair kit

Aluminium Pipe installation to link into compressor

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