In August 2015 Carey Glass International, Nenagh, Tipperary saved €37,000 annually with AirEnergy's knowledge and experience, as we designed an energy efficient compressed air system from concept to reality, devoid of pressure drop and wasted offload amps, while providing Carey Glass with 100% efficiency.

AirEnergy provided a base load 75HP compressor combined with a 75VSD, maintaining a pressure of 7.2bar throughout the huge factory floor, combined with all the relevant filtration and condensate systems to meet ISO14001. Carey Glass have now a full back-up system set correctly to kick in during servicing of the new machines.

The new compressors are filled with Pall Extra 44 synthetic oil which does not degrade for 10,000 hours, unlike the other compressor companies who use poor grade mineral oil that degrades after 4000 hours, which means they have to come back to do increased servicing work. The compressors will reduce annual servicing costs, however the main benefit of this is our reducing running temperatures.


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