Canyon Europe, Belfast - 10year warranty energy efficient system.

This project combined the Carbon Trust Fund Loan with reducing this customers electrical input by an estimated 40kW by removing an energy inefficient Ingersoll Rand compressed air system. AirEnergy replaced it with top of the range American manufactured compressors as well as UltraFilter GmbH refrigerant dryer, pre and after filters as well as an activated carbon filter.

AirEnergy demonstrated knowledge and expertise that no other compressor company in Northern Ireland managed to do.  AirEnergy’s regular training and experience means we are always two steps ahead providing quality and longevity with our compressors and systems rather than cheap product.

Replacing two inefficient Ingersoll Road M150 (150kW) air compressors as well as many other inefficiencies missed by three other compressor companies!  Reduced actual volume flow by 4 cubic metres per minute i.e. Roughly 30-40kWs saving this new customer tens of thousands of pounds annually by installing two 90kW compressors and one new UltraFilter GmbH Refrigerant Dryer as well as UltraFilter Pre, After and Activated Carbon Filter to flow a 90kw plus a N132 compressor.

Canyon Europe

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